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My 20 New Years Resolutions That You Should Consider For Yourself Too

3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The New Year is finally here and I really put some time and thought into my resolutions for 2018. Like anyone, I want resolutions that I know will be easy to follow but are important to improving my lifestyle.

I like to reflect on the year that has passed and think of my highs and lows. Now, I don't look and my lows in a negative way because I want to learn from my mistakes and grow from them. 2017 was not an easy year for me, but it certainly had its fun moments. Once 2019 rolls around, I will look back on this list and see what resolutions have stuck with me and which ones need some more work into the next year.

Here is my list of 20 resolutions and tips that I will follow throughout 2018:

1. Live in the moment.

2. Make healthier choices.

3. Exercise more.

4. Try new things.

5. Learn sign language.

6. Stay well organized.

7. Budget my money.

8. Explore more.

9. Set smaller goals, and build on them.

10. Relax more.

11. Call family more often.

12. Have a brighter outlook.

13. Be more decisive.

14. Cook more! Limit eating out.

15. Be more open to criticism.

16. Drink more water.

17. Speak up.

18. Build stronger relationships.

19. Be proud of my growth.


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