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How to Stay Organized and Avoid Stress for Spring Semester

Happy Sunday!

For most of us, like myself, classes resume tomorrow. There are only 4 short months left until summertime when we can finally have a long, well deserved break. Each semester I get better at staying organized and up to date with my classes to avoid stress once finals come around. 

Aside from class schedules and staying up to date with assignments, I am fairly organized. How many of you find yourself more stressed if your study space is messy on top of a busy schedule? I know I do!! I want to share some of my favorite things I love to do throughout the semester to keep my living space, my schedule, and myself in order to stay on track. 

#1 Color Coding Your Planner

Take the time to give each class or certain categories on your planner with a specific color once you get all of your class syllabi. I know it seems a little OCD to color code, but trust me it helps. On my calendar I use purple for school events, pink for my ensemble events, blue for my work schedule, green for leisurely plans, and yellow for anything else. 

#2 Designate 2-3 Days of the Week for Cleaning

A messy room or study space is distracting. Set your laundry and dishes to wash while you study! I normally like to do my cleaning as soon as I get home from classes on Wednesday's. To me, it's a stress reliever before I get into my homework. As long as you keep up with your cleanliness, then a mess won't keep you stressed!

#3 Treat. Yo. Self.

Wind down at the end of the night with your favorite t.v. show and a face mask. First of all, if you wear makeup, you aways need to clean your face at the end of the day from the makeup and natural oils that build up throughout the day. My routine would include: remove makeup, cleanse with my clarisonic, put on a sheet mask or eye masks, then close my pores with an ice cube. (weird, I know, but it feels so good)

#4 Prioritize Your Time

My biggest flaw is procrastinating. Setting a study schedule, especially for my hardest classes, allows me to time manage myself so I can still have free time. However, I never do work on Saturday's. I make sure to stay on top of all my work to have all day Saturday for whatever I please. 

#5 Setting the Mood with your Stud...y

Never keep your study space too dark, but having it too bright is also annoying to me. Make sure you have just the right light to keep you awake for those late nights! A fresh candle or essential oil diffuser is refreshing to have because most scents are beneficial for your mood, your health, or better sleep after your studying. 

#6 Need to Relieve Stress or Tension?..Work Out!

Wether it is 30 minutes or an hour, as long as you can get in your 3-5 days of exercise, you will stay healthy. Feeling great helps me when it comes to being productive. If I eat junk food or skip the gym, then I feel sluggish and I get lazy. Make it a healthy habit to either wake up early and hit the gym, or fit it in later on in the day. I personally enjoy hot yoga once in a while cause it also helps me sweat out toxins and "negative energy." Find a workout that is right for you and try to stick to it!

#7 Eat Clean and Be Happy

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself amongst all of the hard work you will be putting into schoolwork. (no pun intended) Eating healthy will not only keep your skin clear, but it will boost your metabolism, keep you strong and healthy, and you will have more energy eating green than eating processed foods. On top of exercise, you could easily meet that New Year Resolution you got on the back of your mind. (C'mon I know we all start the year with #bodygoals) Meal prepping is a simple way to save time in the kitchen, so grocery shop and meal prep on Sundays and you are set for the week with healthy meals!

#8 Designate Time for Social Media (if you need to)

I admit I am attached to my phone when it's appropriate. If you're on your phone 24/7, like on a date or even in class...Stop what you're doing right now! That's a big NO NO. I like to catch up on social media in the morning and right before I go to bed, those times are not debatable. However, I will add in time to scroll during my lunch breaks for you all! 

#9 Limit the Amount of Times You Party

"It's college, so I should party every weekend?" False. Partying is fun, but think of your limited productivity cause by your hangover..Not so fun anymore, huh? Go out with your girls and pals every other weekend or 2-3 times a month and spend the other nights resting up for the new week with a movie and a glass of wine. Nights in are usually my favorite anyways. 

#10 Enjoy!

College will be over before you know it. Take the time to enjoy nights out, late studying, and finals week binge eating. The less you worry about the semester flying by and finals creeping up on you, the less you'll stress about meeting due dates.

Breathe...YOU CAN DO IT!

I hope these tips are helpful to stay stress free. Let me know about the things you follow to stay on track during the school year!


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