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My Ideal Relaxing "Night-In" During the Wintertime to Stay Warm!

Winter is currently at its peak for most states, and there is nothing more relaxing than having a night-in either with your girls, your man, or yourself. This season is called "cuffing season" so maybe most of you have a significant other to hold onto for a while.

I always love this time of year because I can bust out thick-knit sweaters, and have hats and scarves to accessorize. However, being out in the cold is not as fun once the sun goes down...cause then the temperature likes to go down with it!

Here is a list of things I love to include on my nights in:

#1 Comfy Clothes

My go-to snuggly look is a pair of joggers, a sweater, and some fuzzy socks. Sometimes I'll even get fancy and rub lotion on my feet, then put socks on to help moisturize my feet. (life hack)

#2 Fuzzy Blanket

Need I say more? A fuzzy blanket, or even a thick blanket is always nice to curl up in on the couch anytime of the year. I am always cold, so blankets are a must for me!

#3 Warm Food

If it's dinnertime when I am kicking back and watching Netflix, there is a good chance I am craving soup. Recently I made a green chili chicken soup in my instant pot...it was amazing! If I don't eat that then, a grilled cheese and tomato soup is heaven to my tastebuds as well.

#4 Boozy Hot Chocolate

I like to buy the shaved double dark chocolate hot cocoa mix from Williams Sonoma and make my coca fresh from that. Then, I add rumchata, but you can add any liquor of your choice.

#5 Good Company

I love my nights to myself, don't get me wrong, but company feels so good. You have someone to laugh with, enjoy the moment with, and if it's your significant other, you have someone to cuddle up with. Pro tip: pets make good cuddle buddies too!

#6 Face Masks

A personal spa treatment is also the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated and clear during the wintertime. I think an easy way to take care of your skin is with the sheet masks, but I feel like those don't get the job done as effectively as a clay mask. My go-to mask is activated charcoal from Origins. There are also some DIY face masks all over Pinterest, but be careful what products you are putting on your skin so you avoid breakouts or an allergic reaction.

#7 Movies

I love any genre of movie from romance, sci-fi, action, drama, horror (sometimes). A good list of movies or a new movie to rent is always a good thing to have for a movie-thon. Also, Netflix and Hulu are a good for finding random movies new and old.

What are some things you include on your night-in? Maybe you follow this same list, or maybe it's different? Let me know what it is you include because I would love to try out some new foods, or drinks, etc!


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