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Book Review: Just Friends by Billy Taylor

A while back I came across an excerpt from the book, "Just Friends," on Twitter and I had to read what all the hype was about. I finally downloaded the book for $3.99 on iBooks and I was hooked.

I have read a couple of reviews on this book and not all of them were positive. Many said the book was very predictable or that the grammatical errors bothered them the entire time. However, in my opinion, I did not mind the errors the book had because each chapter had a specific date, making it feel like a personal journal.

I like that the book is written in first person by August, the girl who is telling her entire story. She starts with her story when she first met Ethan at age 6, the boy she is now in love with. Like any "predictable" love story, she realizes her friend Ethan is the love of her life when it is too late.

I won't spoil their adorable friendship or the troubles they went through together.. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an entertaining, and easy read! It's a simple love story, for anyone who loves the cute, innocent moments of having a crush on someone. There are moments of shock, and moments that are heartbreaking, but overall it leaves you hopeful that the feelings will be mutual.

My next read is Mutual Feelings, the follow up of Just Friends. If you get a chance to read this book, which is about 500 pages, please let me know your thoughts! Did you enjoy it? or...was it not a book for you?

Also, any other suggestions you may have for books I should add to my own reading list, let me know on the comments page!


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