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My Spring Break Adventures 2018

Spring break has come and gone but the memories will remain. I had so much fun this year with friends and traveled all over the south...or at least it felt like it.

This year my 2 best gals and I drove from Nashville,TN to Sarasota,FL. A full day of driving and being in traffic is exhausting but so much fun when you can jam out to tunes and have girl talk all day! When we were in Florida we stopped at the beach for sunset, went out on a boat for a day, ate so much good food, and even made it to Disney World. Unfortunately, I could not stay with them for the entire break because I had to fly back to Nashville for tour.

I definitely need another road trip with them soon because it was one of the most memorable times of my life. And of course Disney is always an exciting experience. We ate so many sweets and waited for all of the best rides. We did not make it to any character meet and greets but hanging out at the most magical place on earth with your bffs is already magical. Now that I'll be 21 in May, Epcot drinking around the world will be our next Disney adventure.

The following morning after I landed in Nashville at 6:30am I had bus call for Company tour. Company is the ensemble I am in at Belmont. We traveled the last 5 days of break through Georgia and South Carolina and made several stops for our 5 performances we put on throughout the week.

Being on a charter bus for 5 days with 25 people creates really great relationships. It's certainly an experience I will miss forever because I love all of my co-stars. We have made so many wonderful memories and inside jokes that we will never forget. I am so proud of the hardwork we put in on tour, and our downtime for fun was well earned.

What were everyones spring break experiences like? Any crazy stories to tell your kids one day or maybe too crazy that you and your friends have to keep it to themselves? HAHA

Please send me a message cause I would love to know!


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