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5 Apps I Use to Edit My Photos Before Posting on Social Media

Having a specific aesthetic on your Instagram page is not always an easy thing to do. However, any edit is how you want your photo to look that fits your style. I had struggled finding a preset that I loved, that worked for most of my photos that I would want to post. I still struggle editing some of my photos because of little things like a bright color or an obstructing object in the picture.

I am still getting the hang of editing all of my photos but I want to share some of my go-to apps that help me achieve a look I want or at least comes close. Now, I am not a professional at editing nor am I a pro at taking photos, but this is a learning process.

#1 LightRoom CC- FREE

This app is perfect for creating albums for specific projects to stay organized. You're able to adjust the light on specific range of the photo, pick specific colors you want brighter than others, and it has your basic settings as well. This is the first app I open when I start my editing because it has so many settings to achieve the perfect look on a majority of my photos. For $4.99 a month you can add an additional edit setting that allows you to highlight a specific spot on the photo that will allow you to adjust the selected are only.

#2 FaceTune 1+2

Disclaimer: there are some edit settings that will take away the natural beauty of a photo and will make it look fake. I try not to use this app often because we are all beautiful human beings just the way we are and shouldn't need to edit our faces, or body shape. I mostly use this if I have a bruise from exercising or if there is an object in the distance that I can cut out of the photo.


This app is so cool because it comes with many of its own filters for free or you can purchase in app filters that will do the editing for you! I enjoy using this app for photos that I want to have more vibrant colors. Also, I paid a few $$ to be able to edit videos in this app. This is my go-to app for video edits. It's a little bit harder to use because there are so many options, I never know which one I am actually happy with.

#4 ReTouch

If you have any annoying objects in your photo, this app is a big help to remove obstructing objects. It's a little difficult to remove objects that have lines behind them because it can become blurry and uneven. However, if something is in the distance with a solid background, you can remove it without many issues. It takes some time to get used to the app.

#5 KiraKira+

This app is amazing to add a little glam to it. I mostly use it for photos I want to put on my Insta story or my Snapchat because it doesn't always give me the right vibe for the aesthetic of my Instagram page. The only downfall of using this app is that it's either extremely light sensitive, or it doesn't pick up a single sparkle. The lighting has to be very particular to capture the glow in the photo for the app to turn those brighter points in the picture to a sparkle.

I hope this post was helpful to build your Insta aesthetic. I know I am very particular on what I post to keep a vibe going.


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